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In the continuum of 3AI's ( essence of differentiation & novelty, 3AI is coming out with 9th pioneering & pathbreaking large scale format event: GCC X…SUMMIT to be held on Friday, September 16th 2022.


India has close to 1400 + GCCs with an average of 2 new GCCs getting opened up per week employing close to 1.3 million professionals (25% of overall technology workforce) with a revenue of USD 36 Bn. By 2025, India is projected to have 2000 GCCs employing 2 Mn highly skilled professionals and generating revenues of USD 60 Bn.

However, Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are at a critical inflection point. As multinational corporations continue to move to an AI-first paradigm, they are looking at their GCCs to provide AI & Analytics prowess to drive this transformation.AI & Analytics has taken a robust foothold in the GCCs, with their inhouse capabilities powering intelligent data-driven decisions for their parent organizations. The next generation of the GCCs will be expected to provide autonomous decision support and AI-augmented human intelligence. GCC leaders will need to harness the burgeoning power of AI to drive corporate decisions, automate repetitive, low-value tasks through robotization, reinvent business models for the continued success of their business in the new world and trigger insights, intelligence & recommendations hubs for amplified decision making.

3AI GCC X…summit will help harness the collective power of GCCs & AI & Analytics leaders wherein they will share & discuss the topical and contemporary trends, and developments in GCCs.

The focus of this densely curated, contextually led event is on covering end to end coverage spectrum in:

  1. GCC 3.0: Evolution & The Journey Ahead
  2. Novel AI & Analytics and exponential technologies capabilities in GCCs
  3. Topical Talent & Workforce Strategies in GCCs
  4. The New Next in Transformation & Innovation for GCCs
  5. New Workforce & Location Strategies in GCCs
  6. AI & Analytics Center of Excellence in GCCs
  7. AI – first enterprise construct enabled by GCCs

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