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Roundtable Details

For the last few years, one can see the emergence of several intelligent products and services, their commercial availability and the socio-economic impact. This raises the question if the present emergence of AI is just hype or does it really have the capability of transforming the world.

There are a wide range of implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on governments, communities, companies, and individuals arising out of AI - from research and innovation to deployment. There have been multiple advancements and innovations in the field of AI and subsequently, it has significant impact on the entrepreneurial ventures and startups. Innovation has always been the main engine of an improved standard of living throughout history. However, the process of innovation can be highly disruptive as it makes conventional technologies obsolete.

Research & Innovation in AI has seen a meteoric rise and many factors are responsible for this, including advancements in computer technology (high performance computing, grid, and cloud computing), increase in transparency through code sharing (services like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) and a large number of open source software. At present, the enormous use cases of AI in every field including healthcare, automobiles, finance, gaming, environmental monitoring, agriculture, sports, energy management, security, etc are changing the way, human beings, live, work and amuse themselves.

Further advancement of innovation in AI can contribute to developing hyper-automation and hyper-connectivity, which would bring us at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Primarily, the advancement in AI is the heart of the enhanced performance of all other technologies and the evolution of Industry 4.0. There are sufficient pieces of evidence available in the literature that proves that the research & innovation in AI offers new opportunities that can lead to notable transformation in businesses and the overall economic system.

At the business level, some of the benefits of AI are: the quick unveiling of patterns in big data, speedy visualization and analytics, improved product design, delivering meticulous insights, and many more. These benefits are expected to introduce new levels of service, increased profit, expansion of businesses, improved efficiency and cost structures.

During this roundtable, eminent AI leaders will discuss topics related to

1. Growth of AI

2. Major advancement features leading to this growth

4. Role of AI in decision making,

5. Emerging technologies and their impact on growth of AI

6. How can India lead in advancing AI research.


Sundara Ramalingam Nagalingam (Global Director – AI Consulting Partners, NVIDIA)

Sundara Ramalingam Nagalingam

Global Director – AI Consulting Partners, NVIDIA

Soumendra Mohanty (COO and Chief Innovation Officer, Tredence)

Soumendra Mohanty

COO and Chief Innovation Officer, Tredence

Smitha Suryanarayanan (Senior Director - Business Analytics, Envestnet|Yodlee)

Smitha Suryanarayanan

Senior Director - Business Analytics, Envestnet|Yodlee

Vineet Kumar (Co-founder and Chief Solutions Architect, Affine)

Vineet Kumar

Co-founder and Chief Solutions Architect, Affine

Tathagat Varma (Senior Director and Head, Walmart Labs India)

Tathagat Varma

Senior Director and Head, Walmart Labs India

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