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Technology is evolving rapidly and industries are adopting the technological advancements to be in the competitive market. Most of the industries are moving towards automation and building intelligence into their processes, decision making and even bots for customer support and engagements. The significant growth of telecommunications with emerging 5G technology, increased number of different network elements and services. Efficient management of the end-to-end telecommunication network requires to build automation and intelligence into the overall eco system. There are various challenges most of the service providers are facing. For example, achieving zero down time, guaranteed QoS, reducing operational cost (OPEX), customer churn, revenue lose, etc. The latest technology advancements like Artificial Intelligence, helps service providers to reshape their entire telecommunication operations for better QoS, customer satisfaction and reduce of Operational Cost (OPEX). Artificial Intelligence should be applied to various layers of telecommunication management network. AI will help in Proactive network monitoring, Zero touch provisioning, closed loop automation, Order to cash flow, etc. AI will also help service providers to provide customized marketing promotions as per the user needs. Building intelligence from physical network till customer satisfaction with high degree of automation is the future of telecommunication industry.



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