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As the race to establish AI supremacy picks up, India is taking giant strides in implementing artificial intelligence (AI). Significantly , majority of Indian enterprises are going beyond pilot and test projects and adopting AI at a larger scale. The economic impact of AI in GDP for India, will be primarily driven by productivity gains from businesses augmenting their existing labor force with AI and Increased consumer demand resulting from the availability of personalized and/or higher-quality AI-enhanced products and services. The consumer revolution set off by AI opens the way for massive disruption as both established businesses and new entrants drive innovation and develop new business models.

As India undergoes rapid AI-led transformation journey; enterprises, technology & consulting providers, data centers; GCCs, startups will redefine the AI prowess for India in the coming few years. Though both corporates and startups are making significant inroads in instituting AI in their service architecture and product offerings, and sometimes as part of their core business strategy itself, the challenges in the public sector in instituting AI can be quickly overcome due to huge Digital Movements instituted by the Indian Govt: Digital India, Skill India and Make in India. This will create a solid bedrock of AI Footprint which will act as a foundational infrastructure to base AI implementation on, opening a huge blue ocean in public sector, rich for AI investment. India is poised at an inflection point to establish itself as a premier destination for AI and embarking on a journey to solve large, complex and unresolved problems. The roundtable session will bring forth the ensuing themes & perspectives through the lens of AI & Analytics Leaders.

The roundtable session will be moderated by Manas Agrawal, CEO – Affine.


Manas Agrawal (CEO, Affine)

Manas Agrawal

CEO, Affine

Purnesh Gali (Head Of Analytics, Hindalco)

Purnesh Gali

Head Of Analytics, Hindalco

Ujjyaini Mitra (Founder & CEO, Deltacube.ai)

Ujjyaini Mitra

Founder & CEO, Deltacube.ai

Dwiraj Bose (Senior VP - Analytics, Bajaj Allianz)

Dwiraj Bose

Senior VP - Analytics, Bajaj Allianz

Sanjay Thawakar (Corporate VP - AI Works, MaxLife)

Sanjay Thawakar

Corporate VP - AI Works, MaxLife

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