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How to build a career in AI and Analytics is still uncertain for many people. The biggest reason is that the aspirants who wish to switch their career in this field do not have a complete understanding of the required skills. A big challenge that candidates come across after gaining required skills is gaining the trust of the employer and prove his/her understanding of the field and demonstrate the skills gained.

To demonstrate the required knowledge and skillsets, aspirants look for relevant assessment and certification programs. 3AI Catapult - Foundational AI and Analytics Assessment is one such and most credible assessment program, designed in collaboration with Analyttica Datalabs.

In this webinar, the 3AI Catapult Program will be discussed in detail. The following points will be covered during this webinar:-

- Career in the field of AI and Analytics

- Current situation and future scope

- 3AI Catapult Program, powered by Leaps

- The uniqueness of program

- Benefits of Program

- 3AI Catapult Exam Information

- How to prepare for Catapult

- Study resources to prepare for 3AI Catapult

- Questions and Answers


  • Satyamoy Chatterjee (EVP at Analyttica Datalab Inc.)

    Satyamoy Chatterjee

    EVP at Analyttica Datalab Inc.

    Satyamoy is a seasoned analytics professional and a hands-on leader. He has 18+ years of global experience with a deep focus on Banking and Financial Services industry. He has spent significant part of his career in variety of roles in companies such as Citigroup, and GE, enabling business impact through the application of analytics and data science.

    In his current role, Satyamoy leads the Client Solutions and Product Strategy at Analyttica Datalab Inc., a fast growing analytics start-up headquartered in Delaware, US with offices in Wilmington, Bangalore, and Pune. He has been undertaking a leadership role in the journey of build through growth of the organization. His role spans across different industry verticals such as BFS, Healthcare, CPG/Retail, and Automotive.

    Satyamoy has also been actively involved in driving the technology enabled solutions strategy for Analyttica and has been part of the core team in creation of a patented ML and AI platform called Analyttica TreasureHunt. He holds a US patent in his name for invention in the analytics learning and knowledge immersion space and a filed patent extension in adaptive Machine Learning systems . He is passionate about creating business value, driven by analytical innovations through the right leverage of 'Business Knowledge', 'Data Science' and 'Technology'.

    He has been featured amongst the top ten data scientists in India in 2019 by one of the leading analytics and AI media houses of India.

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